Saturday, 18 January 2014

A brush with injury

84 days until the London marathon.


The past week I had a brush with a hamstring pull. I'd done a hard parkrun (5k race) the past Saturday, and then ran a tired 14.6 miles the next day.
I did 7 on the track on Tuesday, but by Weds. my body was hurting. I did an easy 5 miles, but my right upper hamstring felt sore. On Thursday, I was scheduled to do 10 miles, but after 2 I could barely run, and called it quits.

I swam on Friday, and felt good in the pool. My leg was still sore.

On Saturday, I really wanted to do a long run, but after one 5.4 mile loop through town I decided to stop because of the hamstring.

On Sunday evening, I tried again. The hamstring was sore, but it didn't feel like it was getting any worse, so I did my 16 miles.

Now, a few days later, it seems to have cleared up. In looking back, it was a good idea to pull back when I did, but I can also see that I have
tried to push through a potential injury. Rationally, stopping running for a few days does not matter, but I get into this trap of thinking I have to make up missed workouts.


The nights are still long here, but on occasion we get a good glimpse of the stars from our back garden.

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