Sunday, 8 February 2015

Trying to get back to consistent running

The past few weeks have felt inconsistent, running-wise.

Total miles:

First week Jan.: 3 (but skiing every day)
Second week Jan.: 20 with cross country race at end
Third week Jan.: 10 no running during weekdays, flu early in week
Fourth week Jan.: 22.8 trying to get strength back

First week Feb. 29 miles much more like it!

I'm doing a half-marathon in March, and was hoping to run a good time. The flu knocked me back a bit, and even after the fever passed (I didn't run for six days), I felt weak. In the midst of the flu, as I shuffled around the house with my head down, I wondered if this is how it felt to be old.


The days are getting longer here in Scotland, and the sun has some warmth during the day. We've had some snow in our back yard for the past few weeks, and it is still hanging on.

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