Thursday, 7 January 2016

running a faster 5k: part 4

I had a good week of training:

Mon: run 5.6 miles after driving home from England
Tues: run 9 miles with club
Weds: no running
Thurs: swim 1350m (before pool closed for New Year's Eve)
Fri: run 5 miles
Sat: run 4.5 miles (3.1 of which were a parkrun)
Sun: run 6 miles with club in woods

Hey, 30 miles for the week! Haven't seen that for a while.


My parkrun effort felt good from the start. I didn't go off too fast, but felt strong on the first hill. Along the back flat I kept a fast past. I used the ensuing downhill to stride out. Heartbreak hill, as always, was a challenge, but I ran fast to the base, and survived the climb. On the gradual downhill I again tried to pick up the pace, and maintain it over the last 800m to the finish.

21:23 all in. This was a faster time than any I'd achieved in 2015.


I suppose the days are getting longer, but it doesn't feel that way. At 8 in the morning this week, my front door still benefited from having the light on.

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