Saturday, 16 March 2013

Rain changing to snow

It was cold this morning - near freezing - but I thought I'd get out on the bike for an hour or so. However, when I stepped outside to get something from the car, the first drops of rain started. I guess I'm still a fair-weather cyclist at the moment, so I retreated to the turbo in the conservatory, plugged in my computer, and cycled while watching videos of the grand canyon.

Outside, the rain changed to snow. When it hit our deck, it melted.


This week, thusfar, has been good:

Mon: swim 1600m
Tues: run 5.4 miles
Weds: run 4 miles on track, swim 1400m after
Thurs: run - speedwork on track (8 x 400s, 2 x 1600s)
Fri: basketball 50 mins; swim 1300m
Sat: bike 45 mins on turbo
Sun: we'll see

So, 3 swims, 3 runs, and 1 bike. Clearly, I need more biking. In part the emphasis on running is because I have a 10k next weekend. I would dearly like to break 40 minutes at this distance - my best is 41:34 - but I don't think that this is realistic at the moment. I've got a good base, but I'm not quite there with the speed work.


Update: I did 9 miles in the snow on Sunday. Part of this included an off-road hilly running, and my feet were soaked. I was beat afterwards.

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