Sunday, 14 April 2013

Training while travelling

The past two weeks have been hectic.

I travelled up to the Scottish Highland with my family for the first week, as it was Easter break for my children. Despite there be snow on the ground here, I brought my bike in the anticipation that there'd be less snow in the Highlands, and this proved true. I was able to ride four times during the week, and this is the most I've done thusfar. The rodes were flattish, and although it was cold in the mornings when I usually rode, it was enjoyable riding in the countryside, and near the River Spey. My swimming took a back seat in this week, and it was a 10 mile drive to the nearest sports centre with a pool. Still, I managed to get there once. Add to this two woodland runs, and it wasn't a dreadful training week. (There was also some skiing here, and a few walks, all of which counts as activity I suppose).

From the Highlands, we drove home, and then I took the train to London the same day for a conference. I arrived at 9 pm on Saturday night, and the next morning did a sight-seeing run along the Thames. I went out on Monday after the conference for another run near Buckingham palace and the adjacent parks, but there was a lot of stopping and starting because of foot and car traffic.

So, no riding or swimming. Also, I didn't sleep well in my hotel, the conference was tiring, and I returned home feeling exhausted.

The rest of the week was an attempt to get back to some normalcy:

Thurs: swim 1200 meters. Felt weak.
Fri: run 4.5 hilly miles. Didn't have time for more, as my wife was going out for the evening.
Sat: cycle: 12 miles (a.m.); swim: 1500 m (p.m.) Felt great in the pool.
Sun: run 8 miles. nice and easy, with friends on a windy, squally morning.

My first triathlon is three weeks from today.

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