Sunday, 29 December 2013

The longest run of the year

104 days until London.


I really didn't want to run today. We'd had guests the night before, and an easy morning on the sofa with a book beckoned. But I needed to get my long run in, and so, after faffing about as much as I could, I headed out the door at 10 a.m.

I ran up to the canal - a distance of a mile - and then six miles along it. The late December sun was low, but welcome after days of rain. As an incentive to do the run, I brought my daughter's ipod shuffle, and listened to Marketplace, The Extra Mile, and Run Run Live podcasts. At around an hour, I reached the turn around point, and headed back.

I like the idea of running a strong second hour. Hopefully, once my miles increase, I'll get to the third hour. This is where I feel I'm getting marathon endurance.

I was tired, but I finished. Again, perhaps the longer midweek run (in this instance, race) took some of the sting out of this run. At 14 miles, surprisingly, it was likely my longest run of the year.


The past week looked like the following:

Monday - 850 m swim (with children)
Tues - 5.4 mile run (town loop)
Weds. - 2.5 mile run (while xmas turkey was in!)
Thurs. - 8.1 mile trail race
Fri. - nothing
Sat. - 5.4 mile run
Sun. - 14 mile run

Timewise, I ran for 5:14 this week.


My children are off of school for the holidays, and my son consented to having his toenails painted by my daughter.

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