Monday, 13 July 2015

Pneumonia diaries: days 4-7

At the GP's office again, my oxygen level hovered at 93%. So, it was still low.

I was improving, though, and my breathing was no longer laboured.

The GP wanted to check things out though, and I was sent for an x-ray at the hospital.


After the x-ray, I had an hour before I needed to pick up my children from their day-camp, so I thought I'd stop at the outdoors shop in the mall. On my way in I bumped into a friend who was also not running, in his case because of an ankle injury. We lamented our failing bodies.


In the days that followed, I have been improving. There has been some fatigue, and I don't feel I have my full breath back yet. On day 7 I went for an easy three mile run and was ok, so hopefully I can start to come back to fitness slowly.


July is passing, and we celebrated my son's 10th birthday with a cake.

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