Sunday, 19 July 2015

Recovering from pneumonia

This week I wanted to start getting active again, lungs permitting. After my first run back last Sunday, where I did three miles easy with a friend, this was my week:

Mon: nothing
Tues: run 4 miles, a bit with the club, though I peeled off after a few miles
Weds: run 3.5 miles easy with some hills
Thurs:swim 1100 meters
Fri: bike 45 mins on turbo, while watching Tour de France highlights
Sat: run 4 miles on trails
Sun: run 4.5 miles, with some hills

At the back of my mind looms the Ben Nevis Race. I need to get my hill legs back over the next month.


Today, on my 4.5 mile run, I headed through the woods of our local country park. The trails were wet after yet another night of rain. It being mid-July, the trail was nearly overgrown with brush. However, the foxgloves were also out.

After the woods, I did the short climb up our local hill. There were sheep, but they weren't too disturbed by my presence.

I made it to the summit, but was more winded than usual. So, even though I am on the mend, my lung capacity is diminished.

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