Sunday, 5 December 2010

Trying to stay motivated to run

134 days until the Boston Marathon.


I fell off the wagon, motivation-wise, this past week.

Surprisingly, this is rarely occurs. Somehow, I'm almost alway up for a run. OK, we had heavy snow this week, and I did a lot of shovelling, but I struggled to get out for runs.

This was my week:

Mon: no running
Tues: no running
Weds: no running
Thurs: 5.4 miles - town loop (53 mins)
Fri: x-country skiing
Sat: 8 hilly miles (1:23)
Sun: 8 hilly miles, some walking in deep snow. (2 hrs)

Because of the snow, the running was a lot harder and slower. But the troubling thing was that I didn't really want to do it. It was dark out, cold, and snowy. Somehow this wasn't inviting.

My hope is that once things get back to normal next week - my children had five consecutive snow days last week - I can get back into a routine. I really should start training for the marathon in the next week or so.

The bottom line may be that I need a goal. Previously, I had a concrete one: running a sub 3:30 to qualify for Boston. Now I'm in. What's next? The obvious goal would be a personal best at the marathon, and I think that's what I might shoot for. Maybe a 3:20? I'm not sure - I don't want to set myself up for a bad race by going out too hard - particularly as Boston doesn't sound like it's that easy a course.

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